With the internet, if you're going to have a physical retail or service location, you aren't going to get business without top-of-the-class customer service.

Hotels aren't the only businesses that earn stars for these things. Your business' customer service goal is always going to be to get repeat customers always. 

Greeting each customer, asking about their day, every point of contact has to make it feel personal. Treating each customer as a friend instead of just another person disrupting their day. Not only does it require teamwork, but it also requires individual accountability, by each team member, to the team.  This is the day and age where you can go online for anything. When people come out, it's either going to be for fast service or to experience good teamwork and people who are friendly. Not to be confronted by poor customer service. If your place of business is important enough to put on the map, it's important enough for your customers to leave happy and glad to come back on a regular basis.

Let me help you train your staff to have a great day at work every day.

Leaving your customers not wanting to wait to experience more

of the same by returning. 


About Me

Having been in public services for 30 years, I know your staff. Educated in customer service and human behavior, I have an excellent workshop series to train your staff. Making your customers want to return just to get your products and say hello to your team members.


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